Evil Examined - Extra Evil

Haunted Providence

This week we take you on a ghost tour of one of the most haunted places on the map, none other than Providence Rhode Island. Prepare yourselves for stories of the undead resurfacing, shadow people, inhumane prisons and murdered prostitutes.

Evil Examined - Extra Evil

A History of Halloween

We bring you on a dark journey through the history of Halloween. From your favorite traditions to the most disturbing modern atrocities to ever transipre.

Evil Examined Episode 5 - Evil Entry


This weeks Evil Entry gives you a rich peek into the disturbing and bizarre history of one of the most talked about shadow groups in history. Learn how the Illuminati came to exist and some of the most popular conspiracies that surround it. From reptile people to government and religion, prepare yourself!

Evil Examined Episode 5 - Forbidden Five

Horror at the Carnival

This week on the Forbidden Five we examined a few examples of when average days at the amusement park turned into pure horror. Join us on our depraved journey as we discuss when things went terribly wrong leading to horror at the carnival...

Evil Examined Episode 5 - Odd News

Hermits, Dumb Bets & Bean Dip Laced with Meth

This week we discuss hermits, stupid bets, seagulls with boobs, the crazy woman who brought a meth laced bean dip to the office and so much more on the Odd News!

Evil Examined - Extra Evil

Death Drop Gorgeous

The cast and crew of Death Drop Gorgeous join us to spill all the dirt on their trashy splatterfest. Learn how a handful of friends completed their dream and made a vile horror film off of pure passion and a little bit of lubricant... What lead up to the throbbing climax of this epic masterpiece? You should probably listen and find out!

Evil Examined Episode 4 - Evil Entry

The Horrorcore Murders

We bring you on a journey through the history of Horrorcore music and talk about some of the most brutal murders that have been associated with the subculture...

Evil Examined Episode 4 - Forbidden Five

Friday the 13th

We discuss a handful of noteworthy events which transpired on this evil, diabolical, vile, unlucky, cursed date (that we greatly enjoy!)

Evil Examined Episode 4 - Odd News

Cock-a-doodle-DIE! & Mosquito Mayhem

In this weeks Odd News we have some updates on "The Watcher House" and "The Conjuring House" in addition to Odd News stories about killer animals and insects!

Evil Examined Episode 3 - Evil Entry

The Station Nightclub Fire

We take a look back at one of the most horrific tragedies (or crimes depending on your perspective) in Rhode Island history. We also share our recollections regarding the horrors of The Station Nightclub fire. 

Evil Examined Episode 3 - Forbidden Five

In Love with a Monster

We examine the phenomena known as Hybristophilia. When the ladies become obsessed with sinister, vile monsters. Prepare to delve into the strangeness.

Evil Examined Episode 3 - Odd News

The El Paso Asshole & The Dayton Dickhead

This week we discuss the unfortunate shootings in El Paso and Dayton that saw at least 33 people perish in addition to a bizarre stabbing.

Evil Examined - Extra Evil

Frankenstein Lab, AI & Food Poisoning

In this weeks bonus episode the unholy trinity covers a creepy lab filled with atrocities, AI predicting bail and a horrifying case of food poisoning. All that plus JP's 23 and me results!

Evil Examined Episode 2 - Evil Entry

The Watcher & Child Horrors

A doubleheader Evil Entry! First a story about a strange individual's obsession with watching a house and those who inhabit it. Secondly a tale of the last thing you'd want to see on a baby monitor. 

Evil Examined Episode 2 - Forbidden Five

Disturbing Diseases

During the Forbidden Five we discuss a list of incredibly strange and unsettling diseases. Listen if you dare!

Evil Examined Episode 2 - Odd News

Alien Abduction & Evil Mutilation

The Br3akdown Podcast, Silent Sarita & her beau Derek spin the wheel of doom. What will they land on? Also on the Odd News we discuss one of the most historic more convincing cases of alien abduction and the gruesome murder of a young boy in Brazil

Evil Examined Episode 1 - Evil Entry

Aaron Hernandez

Hovering around the anniversary of his arrest we take a look back at Aaron Hernandez from the beginning of his career, to the horrific crimes, to the suicide and the issues that may have turned this one of a kind athlete into a monster.

Evil Examined Episode 1 - Forbidden Five

Botched Executions

The gang is all here to discuss some of the more bizarre and gruesome execution methods that didn't quite go as planned. This weeks Forbidden Five list will show you the horrors that you've never heard of.

Evil Examined Episode 1 - Odd News

Father's Day

The Sickos spin the Wheel of Doom, Cypress Kills and also a disturbing Father's Day Odd News segment.