Aron Beauregard Featured in HellBound Books

Anthology of Bizarro Volume 1

Imagine 'Monty Python' writes horror...

Welcome to the wonderfully horrific world of Bizarro - that dark, forbidding corner of the horror genre where absolutely anything goes and one may delve into the farthest recesses of the authors' warped imaginations. 

Prepare yourself, dear reader, for a journey into the unknown reaches of terror, from which you can only hope you will return with your sanity intact...

Enjoy 16 outstanding stories from: Scott McGregor, A.L. King, Garvan Giltinan, Keith Kennedy, Robert Prescott, T.M. Morgan, Lee Rozelle, John W. Leonard, A.L. King, Matthew McKiernan, Aron Beauregard, Ken Goldman, Victor Marrow, Ryan Woods, and Stephen Daultrey


Aron Beauregard Featured in Hellbound Books

Blood & Blasphemy

If you enjoy your horror dipped in buckets of blood and sprinkled with generous amounts of blasphemy, then you've come to the right place!

Blood and Blasphemy is a collection of over thirty of the most sacrilegious horror stories ever written. Within these irreverent pages, you will encounter a priest that keeps his deformed spawn chained in a root cellar, a convent where a poisonous species of salamander is worshiped, a demonic altar boy, possessed religious relics that kill, blood-drinking clergymen, a Son of God who feeds on sin, an unsuspecting couple who run afoul of religious lunatics in a small town, the divine (and deadly) turd of Christ, and other terrifying tales guaranteed to make church ladies faint and nuns clutch their rosaries.

Featuring stories by: Aron Beauregard, George Alan Bradley, Cardigan Broadmoor, Scot M. Carpenter, Myna Chang, Clay McLeod Chapman, Nick Dinicola, Jude M. Eriksen, Michael Martin Garrett, Gerri R. Gray, Christopher Hamel, Carlton Herzog, B.T. Joy, A.L. King, Daryl Marcus, Jeremy Megargee, Donna J.W. Munro, Hari Navarro, Trevor Newton, Drew Nicks, C.C. Parker, Wolfgang Potterhouse, J.L. Shioshita, J.J. Smith, Henry Snider, J.B. Toner, Sheldon Woodbury, and Shawn Wood.


Scary Bastard

Your Halloween Bloodbath Begins...

What do a child killer, a hopeful special effects artist, a duo of budding teen psychopaths, a student screwing teacher and a mutated maniac with his lower jaw missing have in common? 

They're all out this Halloween. 

How will their paths cross? Can anyone survive the bloodbath or are they all destined to drown in a pool of warm red? This slasher nightmare gives you a seat beside the killer but don't get too comfortable, there's a Scary Bastard on the loose... (This book includes 9 horrifying illustrations to guide you through the terror!)


The Slob

Some Stains Don't Come Out

Raised in a household that was so filthy it was stomach spilling, Vera has become a neat-freak. Her obsession with cleanliness sprouts the concept that her skills can be put to use in a unique way. In an effort to generate some income for her and her disabled husband Daniel just prior to the birth of their first child, she takes aim at the booming door to door sales business of the late 80s. All is going well until she arrives at the steps of a house she wished she never had. The steps of an evil that brings back the ghastly memories she so desperately tried to wash away.

Nothing will prepare you for the nastiness, disorder and uncleansable horror brought forth by... The Slob. 


Die Tommy

It's Time To Pick Up The Bodies

Brutus and Tommy pick up dead bodies for a living, it's a grim but interesting business to say the least. Their normally nasty gig suddenly transitions into something even more disturbing than usual when they pick up a recently murdered stiff that's been stewing in the blazing Arizona heat just a bit too long. They soon find out this isn't just any ordinary cadaver, this corpse has a dark, horrific secret...

A shocking, repulsive, detail oriented odyssey that will leave you needing a shower at the conclusion. It promises to put you so close to the horror that you'll feel the splatter.

It's time to pick up the bodies...


Try The New Candy

Taste A New Horror

A book may seem like a rather harmless form of escape or entertainment but fair warning, this volume holds a breed of abhorrence most would prefer to escape FROM. The repulsive revelations of a disturbed mind. Ten tales of torment portraying the ghastly and macabre. Outlining the lives of individuals that any sane soul would pray to never encounter, in reality or otherwise. Prepare yourself for a vile massacre that puts you so close to the carnage, you’ll feel the splatter…

Here’s a little taste of what to expect:An imbecilic man is taken advantage of for decades before finally considering a sweet revenge. A single, soon to be mother experiences a bizarre sequence of events triggered from her artificial insemination. A budding teenager comes along to house sit with his poor excuse for a father, only to find out the house has some disturbing secrets. A newly married couple enjoys testing the limits of extreme and gets access to a special museum exhibit that is not quite finished. Two girls head out to the club to celebrate a 21st birthday, only to encounter some nightlife they couldn’t have imagined.

Your misery awaits…