Freshly Spawned Evil

Evil Examined Podcast


This week on the Odd News enjoy the horrifying tales of a deranged goth turd boy and a second story regarding a chillingly gruesome mutilation. 

Fact or Fable Podcast


The first season of the highly disturbing original horror series written and preformed entirely by the Evil Examined crew is at your disposal. Could any of it be based on truth? You decide....

Reel Judgements Podcast


This is our exclusive Reel Judgements spoiler-free reaction to our private screening of the soon to be released local horror gorefest Death Drop Gorgeous!

Extra Evil - Death Drop Gorgeous


The cast and crew of Death Drop Gorgeous join us to spill all the dirt on their trashy splatterfest. Learn how a handful of friends completed their dream and made a vile horror film off of pure passion and a little bit of lubricant... 

Andy Dick Talks "Scary Bastard"


Comedian and horror lover Andy Dick takes a moment to offer congrats on our slasher book "Scary Bastard" amongst other nonsense!

Homegrown Horror Podcast


A laid back park ranger comes across a savage string of attacks occurring in the woods he patrols, determined to get to the root of the bizarre scenes he continues to be faced with...

Mike on his Potential Alien Abduction History

Mike from Reel Judgements discusses his visions of figures being around his bedside during his youth in addition to the strange triangular mark that was left on his massive fucking leg...

Evil Video Recently Discussed on Evil Examined

UFO Sighting North Carolina Coast


Highly credible and bizarre 2019 UFO sighting!

Unexplainable Navy UFO Footage


A landmark moment, US government confirms UFOs exist...

Black Friday Whippings


Shirtless lunatic whips crowd with his belt on Black Friday!

Town Devastated By D&D Fire


Seems like coffee and donuts was all this little town had...

Ghost Slams Door?


Do you believe ghosts can slam doors? Watch this video from the haunted Biltmore hotel in Providence and decide for yourself...

Horrific Carnival Accidents


Viewer beware, this is the last ride for some of these poor souls. Witness a compilation of disturbing amusement park accidents...

John The Skeptic's Tracheotomy

Fucking hole in the man's neck.

You asked and we delivered, well no you didn't but who cares, you get it anyway... Here is the hole in the hairy-ass neck of the legend. They stabbed his shit when he was just a baby.


Aron Beauregard Featured In HellBound Books

"Anthology of Bizarro Volume 1"

Imagine 'Monty Python' writes horror...

Welcome to the wonderfully horrific world of Bizarro - that dark, forbidding corner of the horror genre where absolutely anything goes and one may delve into the farthest recesses of the authors' warped imaginations. 

Prepare yourself, dear reader, for a journey into the unknown reaches of terror, from which you can only hope you will return with your sanity intact...

Enjoy 16 outstanding stories from: Scott McGregor, A.L. King, Garvan Giltinan, Keith Kennedy, Robert Prescott, T.M. Morgan, Lee Rozelle, John W. Leonard, A.L. King, Matthew McKiernan, Aron Beauregard, Ken Goldman, Victor Marrow, Ryan Woods, and Stephen Daultrey


SCary Bastard

Your Halloween Bloodbath Begins...

What do a child killer, a hopeful special effects artist, a duo of budding teen psychopaths, a student screwing teacher and a mutated maniac with his lower jaw missing have in common? 

They're all out this Halloween. 

How will their paths cross? Can anyone survive the bloodbath or are they all destined to drown in a pool of warm red? This slasher nightmare gives you a seat beside the killer but don't get too comfortable, there's a Scary Bastard on the loose... 

(This book includes 9 horrifying illustrations to guide you through the terror!)


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