Evil Examined Podcast Seasons

Season 1 - Evil Is Born


We cover everything you can imagine including but not limited to: torture, possession, killer bands, hauntings, aliens, evil twins, killer pigs, dastardly witches, psycho wrestlers, vile foods, mass murder, strange cults, psychic detectives, crazy 911 calls, conspiracies that turned out to be true and so much more. What are you waiting for?! Click the fucking image above now!

Season 2 - The Next Abomination (Part 1)


Episode 1 kicked off on Friday with special guests Mike from Reel Judgements, Daddi Bace and Stead Eddy. Star studded and packed with questionable beef. Salivate at the thought of you're favorite strange ones all coming together on the same show for the first time ever!

Season 2 - The Next Abomination (Part 2)


More gruesome bizarre stories to make you question reality and this meat grinder we live in.