Coming Out The Closet


Maddie finds herself questioning wether or not her apartment is haunted when things start vanishing out of thin air...but she soon finds out the truth is riddled with far more "WTFs" than she could of ever thought.

The Watcher


We all have experienced the stereotypical nosey neighbor at least once in our lives. But when this family moves into their new home...they realize they'd take the nosey neighbor anyway, over what they got.

The Walton Experience


We are but a speck within the entirety of the universe...but how likely is it that we are alone?Learn about one of the best ever documented case in the history of alien adduction. 

13 Weird Ass Children's Toys


Enjoy our slide show that will allow you to learn about 13 weird ass children's toys and also guess whether or not you think they're real. 

Death Party!

Strange Man

Let's get a party going! Let's get a party going! Except unlike Andrew W.K's anthem this one involves DEATH and METH!

The Doll Maker

Mummified girl

Let's look into a historian with a love for dolls...that isn't all what it seems. What appears as an innocent collection, may turn out to be darker and more deprived than anyone ever expected.

This Person Does Not Exist


The site uses AI to create realistic looking random people, sometimes with bizarre deformities. They do not exist but none the less people found a way to complain that this interesting technology should be abolished...

Alex Jones Returns


Alex Jones and Joe Rogan have buried the hatchet! Thank god. We here at Evil Examined love both these guys, if you enjoy our content be sure to check out the full podcast. Easily the best podcast episode of 2019!

Luis Coleman of Providence


Found with the body of a missing  woman in his trunk when pulled over in Delaware, Coleman has been arraigned on charges of kidnapping and mutilating a body. 

Bow To Your New Lord


Action packed, horrific, amazing effects, disturbing story line. Evil Examined is all over this great new film that is anything but another war movie...

Mass Murder


A total of 10 dead and 9 injured after two deranged young men go on a disturbing rampage in Brazil 

Budding Lunacy


A brief glance at the childhood of one of the most deranged mass murderers to ever go to the movies...

Hungry for a New Book?


Ramsey Campbell's 1976 novel about a boy who's a little different than the others is a nice throwback horror read. The taste of flesh fuels the plot-twisting The Doll Who Ate His Mother.



Freedom of expression, except when it comes to lewd bumper stickers. 

The Station Fire


Killer Show details the fateful night of the tragic and avoidable situation leading to the Station fire in 2003 in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Written by John Barylick, a lawyer focused on getting justice for victims' families.