Death Drop Gorgeous Reaction

This is our exclusive Reel Judgements spoiler-free reaction to our private screening of the soon to be released sinister horror gorefest Death Drop Gorgeous!

REEL Judgements - Episode 9

The Exterminator

Join us as we discuss the controversial 1980 revenge masterpiece "The Exterminator" with the boys from Death Drop Gorgeous. 

Reel Judgements - Episode 8

Death Drop Gorgeous

The cast and crew of Death Drop Gorgeous join us to spill all the dirt on their trashy splatterfest. Learn how a handful of friends completed their dream and made a vile horror film off of pure passion and a little bit of lubricant... What lead up to the throbbing climax of this epic masterpiece? You should probably listen and find out!

Reel Judgements Episode 7

Traces of Death IV: Resurrection

This is one movie that brings absolute truth to our motto "We watch the fucked up shit so you don't have to." We implore you to listen to our discussion about Traces of Death 4 and NOT WATCH!

Reel Judgements Episode 6

The Strange Thing About the Johnsons

Special Guest Daddi Bace discusses Ari Aster's student film "The Strange Thing About The Johnson's" Click HERE to watch the film first, click the picture above to hear the podcast!



John Pee Pee joins us as the first ever guest on the podcast as we discuss one of the most disturbing modern horror films, Hereditary!

Reel Judgements Episode 4

The Exorcist

Mike and Aron discuss Mike's reaction to his first full viewing of The Exorcist. They touch on real life possessions and some paranormal activity they witnessed coming of age.

Reel Judgements Episode 3

The Men Behind The Sun

The horrors of war on full display in this disturbing look inside the some of the real life events that transpired in Japanese secret facilities during WW II. Mike and Aron examine the film and key in of some of the more memorable horrific scenes.

Reel Judgements Episode 2

August Underground Mordum

Listen to a discussion and critique of one of the most vile, repulsive, deranged films accessible to the twisted public. A movie so controversial the films director Fred Vogel was once arrested for attempting to transmit obscene materials simply for possessing copies of his film.