Unexplainable Navy UFO Footage

US government confirms that UFOs have been captured on video and exist...

UFO Sighting North Carolina Coast

Check out this bizarre 2019 UFO sighting in the middle of the ocean with no land around...

Town Devestated by Fire that burned down Dunkin' Donuts

It seems the D&D was all this little town had, watch this tear jerker as the residents explain how difficult things have been since the absence of the coffee shop...


To  examine the video of this madman whipping his belt at the crowd click the image or here


Greasy Log Running

Greasy log running at it's best!

Glutton Bowl Cow Brain Feast!

What an intelligent snack!

Glutton Bowl 8 lbs of Mayo

Big boys eating a lot of egg paste!

Ghost Slams Door In Biltmore Hotel Providence RI

Do you believe in ghosts? Check out the video of a man who encountered a door slamming ghost while in the wee hours of his stay at the Biltmore Haunted Hotel in Providence RI. 

For more info on the Biltmore's haunting listen to Extra Evil - Haunted Providence on the Evil Examined Podcast.

Andy Dick on Our Slasher Book "Scary Bastard"

Comedian and horror lover Andy Dick takes a moment to congratulate Aron Beauregard on his slasher book "Scary Bastard" amongst other nonsense. Big thanks to Andy Dick, guy is hilarious, we're just the kind of dickheads (no pun intended) that would appreciate his madness. We can't stop picturing him acting in the film adaptation now, GREAT SUGGESTION ANDY!

You can find this disturbing book on Amazon: 


Family's Basement Filled with Blood

Not your typical leak and probably the last thing anyone wants to walk into...

Katy Perry Illuminati Glitch out

 Definitive proof that Katy Perry is a card-carrying member of the Illuminati... or at the very least quite dehydrated!   

Horrific CARNIVAL Accidents

 Viewer beware, this is the last ride for some of these poor souls. Witness a compilation of disturbing amusement park accidents... 

Bean Dip Trip

 Hear about the woman suspected of sharing bean dip with her coworkers that was allegedly laced with meth... 

Doorway To Hell

Continuing on our theme of fire tragedies take a look at this Evil Video regarding a disturbing mysterious Haunted House fire (Doc is broken up into parts. This is part 1 of 5, you can watch the rest in succession). 

The Strange Thing About The Johnsons

Are you ready to feel uncomfortable? Enjoy Ari Aster's student film project which foreshadowed his recently released horror classics Hereditary & Midsomer. If you dare...

Silent Sarita Destroys a Bone-In Sandwich

The slaughter of chicken and bones in a bun slathered with ketchup, just after we wrapped up our 13th episode. 

That's For Later (A short Dimwitted Film)

Three friends hang out during a drunken bender and at the end of the evening a strange surprise is stumbled upon inside one of their refrigerators... (a short Oscar worthy dark comedy starring some of the idiots from the Evil Examined & Reel Judgements Podcast)

Pumpkin Nailed with Knives in Slow Motion

Lizzie Borden Murder House Body Position

This is a look at what it would have felt like to discover Lizzie Bordens stepmothers corpse.