Mass Murder

Brazil School Shooting


In Sao Paulo Brazil Luis Henrique de Castro (25) and Guilherme Taucci Monteiro (17) entered the Professor Raul Brasil School around 9:30 AM local time. Cameras both outside and inside the school captured the deranged duo and the carnage that would soon ensue. It is being reported that they would go on to murder at least 5 students and 2 employees in horrific fashion. In addition to the casualties 9 other students were injured. Shortly after the rampage concluded they would commit suicide in a case that seems eerily reminiscent and possibly influenced by the Columbine massacre of 1999. 

Prior to their arrival at the school they stopped at a local car rental outlet and shot the owner dead. It has not been confirmed yet if the car that school’s cameras captured them in, pulling up to it’s gates shortly after the murder, was stolen or not. This public school is said to have held over 1,000 students, some of which may have been saved when one of the school chefs rushed over 50 of them into the kitchen and then secured the door by pushing a large freezer in front of it. 

The attackers were both former students of the school, Guilherme attended as recently as a year prior. They both wore masks during the attack, one online picture circulating shows Guilherme with a skeleton bandana draped over his nose while he aims a gun at the camera. Again this seems to resemble Columbine and if you notice the gear they are wearing, the boots and attire have a similar presentation. One thing that didn’t align as closely were the weapon choices, most likely due to Brazil’s stricter gun laws (although some are being critical of current policy in the wake of the tragedy). 

They came equipped with the handgun seen in the online picture that was outfitted with an auto reloader, crossbow, hatchet and fake explosives. Some brief but disturbing clips of cellphone footage are available online, beware they are upsetting. One of them enters the school calmly at first before pulling the gun and shooting at students standing in the hallway. The next one comes in shortly after and appears to be hacking up a child with a hatchet. 

Shootings in Brazil are uncommon but have been documented, in 2011 an incident in Rio de Janeiro saw 24 year old gunman Wellington Oliveira murder 12 children while screaming “I’m going to kill you all” as he gunned them down ruthlessly. Shocking security footage was captured in this incident as well. A heroic officer is speculated to have saved countless lives when he shot Wellington in his legs halting the killing spree. Moments later he would turned the gun on himself as so many others in this situation seem to. 


A.K. Burnsregard

The corpse of 17 year old Guilherme Taucci Monteiro after committing suicide

The corpse of 17 year old Guilherme Taucci Monteiro after committing suicide