Overlord movie poster

Bow To Your New Lord


Wow, what to say about this one. This theatrical journey was so much more interesting and unique than we could have hoped for. When I first saw the trailer my judgement was that I definitely wanted to see it but I was mostly just hoping for some cool gore effects and crazy looking evil Nazi creatures. I speculated it would be in the vein of Frankenstein Army, except with a bigger studio budget. This film however was the most thrilling, sinister electro-shock that any sadist could hope for. 

I dig a good war movie if it’s done right, like Platoon for example was a film that I’ve watched maybe a dozen times. My fiancé is not a fan of war movies (but like myself loves horror), in fact she hates them, so she was more than skeptical when I made one of my genius recent choices and decided to snag Overlord on Blu Ray. 

Do not be fooled this is not just some war movie. At first I was figuring that I’d most likely end up watching this one alone because of her distaste for the genre but drugs will do cool shit sometimes. After a couple of Seattle’s finest gummies we were both pretty melted and in that type of state, its not uncommon to not give a fuck about what you’re about to watch. It was actually her that suggested we check out Overlord!

We fired it up and right off the rip the movie is an adrenaline rush. There is an intense scene early in the film where our main character (a paratrooper) jumps out of a plane and into a total war zone. After a few exhilarating near death experiences he’s able to meet up with the rest of his team. We’re treated to some dark, ominous lighting along the way, that really gives the movie an eerie vibe. They truly made it feel like a horror film transpiring within a battlefield. 

Throughout the movie we also witness terrifying, evil Nazis storming through neighborhoods, kicking in doors and abducting people to experiment on. Without giving away too much, horror fans will no doubt love some of the results spawned from the unethical abominations. One of the characters in particular looks so disturbing that it generated a joyous sense anticipation, as we both awaited for him to resurface. The CGI used this one character in particular was some of the best I’ve seen, for a guy who has a strong preference toward old school movie effects, that’s saying a lot. 

However my lone criticism of the film is that there were a few scenes after this characters horrific injuries were introduced where the same CGI wasn’t applied. After being blown away by early scenes of this character, then seeing additional sequences without the same effects it made me wonder if they ran out of money or if the change in the characters look was something story related that I missed. Aside from this curious CGI decision/limitation and one of the other characters being a little too over the top, I loved everything else.

The film also treated us to numerous imaginative, tense camera angles that are executed to perfection. Scenes where characters find themselves trying to hide from the evil Nazi authorities, while forced to observe other innocent citizens be interrogated, intimidated and much worse. The filmmakers offer their viewers a gut churning glimpse at what it would feel like to be eavesdropping on these disturbing, sweat soaking situations. So good in fact that you might even feel like you're about to get caught. 

Be sure to make an effort to check this out but watch out, don’t get caught!

RATING: 4/5 


A.K. Burnsregard