The station fire

Killer Show by John Barylick

Barylick served as a lawyer dedicated to pursuing justice for the victims of the Station night club fire on February 20, 2003 in West Warwick, Rhode Island.  100 people lost their lives and many more were permanently scarred. The fire happened quickly and the book takes you through events leading up to the fire, the band, the victims, the legal ramifications and begs the question of responsibility and accountability when tragedy strikes due to negligence.

The book is written in such an entertaining way that you almost feel guilty reading it and enjoying the prose and occasional fun fact. Like what demands certain bands have laid out in their contracts. However, Barylick's dedication to the victims somewhat absolves that feeling, 

I would call this book essential reading for anyone in the Rhode Island area, avid concert goers, firefighters and anyone working in the service industry. We neglect our safety on a daily basis because we trust others to take necessary and legally required precautions. This book will help heighten your sense of your surroundings and serve to increase your levels of empathy toward those who lost everything in a matter of minutes.